Monday, 22 April 2013

Vivienne Mok

Vivienne Mok is a New York born, Paris based photographer who creates incredibly romantic, feminine and dream-like images. Often she photographs models in her own apartment, using the faded 1970's floral wallpaper as a backdrop, and occasionally makes clothes for a shoot on her sewing machine at home. 

Vivienne and I have recently worked together on a photo shoot featuring my toiles for the Paradise Lost collection. The pictures have not yet been released but here's an idea of the kind of beautiful, other worldly images to expect from Vivienne.

See more of Vivienne's work here: Vivienne Mok

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Paris, Haute Couture

Went to see the Swarovski Paris Haute Couture exhibition last Saturday at Hotel De Ville, Paris. The exhibition presents 100 garments selected from the Musee Galliera and features what are believed to be the most beautiful and delicate pieces.

Maison Martin Margiela

A Chanel toile from 2012. Why don't my toiles look this neat?!

Madame Gres dress with her signature folding and tucking. Unbelievable amount of work in this dress.. the mind boggles to think how long something like this would have taken.

Crazy cut out dresses.

Galliano dress. Cadbury's bling!

This Givenchy dress was my favourite. It's hard to see unless you're very close but it's intricately decorated with tiny chains. I guess that's the great thing about getting to see these pieces up close. You can really appreciate the craftsmanship. Kind of helps to justify the price tags!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Alli's wedding

I was recently asked by my friend Alli to make this bridal jacket for her wedding. Here she is on the day looking radiant. 

The "making" of the jacket however was slightly unconventional. Due to a 7 hour delay (Yep, that's S-E-V-E-N HOURS) at Paris Charles De Gaulle airport, I realised I wouldn't have time to finish Alli's lovely jacket when I arrived at my B&B in Cork the day before the wedding. I had no choice but to take out my pins and needles and sew the jacket together at the airport. Not the ideal fashion atelier but I had a nice view of the runway while I stitched :)