Monday, 30 January 2012


When I was designing my first collection Paradise Lost I edited down through loads of ideas. Here are some (of many) rough sketches..

Most of the sketches I did weren't made but I hope to develop a lot of these ideas in my next collection..

Monday, 23 January 2012

Everything Must Go

On Saturday I went to see Everything Must Go, an exhibition by The Waste of the World held in the Bargehouse at Oxo Tower Wharf. The culmination of a five-year research programme funded by the Economic & Social Research Council, it aimed to raise awareness of global waste by following the journey of recycled clothing across the world. There were also workshops and discussions providing alternative perspectives on the used clothing trade. 

When I was sourcing materials for my collection Paradise Lost I visited some of the vast textile recycling units on the outskirts of London such as TRAID and LMB and was amazed to see the volume clothing that gets thrown away in London. This exhibition showed how many of these unwanted clothes continue their journey across the ocean to their final destination in an Indian factory. Apart from being totally fascinating, it was also beautifully presented in several rooms of an old brick warehouse building..

Photos around the exhibition showed factory workers sorting through bales of clothes, creating piles of coloured textiles

Bags of shredded fabrics which are eventually processed into new materials shown on the wall above 

This is a still from Meghna Gupta's film Unravel which follows the journey of the Western world's unwanted textiles to a factory in India. It documents the processes the clothes undergo to be slashed, sorted, shredded and eventually woven into yarn and shows the reactions of the female factory workers who are baffled as to why they receive so many unwanted clothes from the West. They wonder if Western women are too lazy to wash their clothes and prefer to give them away. Thought provoking, funny and so beautifully shot that I had to watch it twice..

A wall hanging by Kate Goldsworthy who used low grade materials to create art

Often clothing waste gets woven back into yarn. Pretty incredible.. 

All the different components of a red coat

Monday, 16 January 2012


In 2011 I took three months off to start my fashion label. June, July and August were dedicated to designing and sewing and LOTS of experimenting. Three months to make 10 pieces...

Some calico, a tailors dummy and a bazillion ideas to try out...

Flower ideas..

Trying out patterns with marker.. 

More flower ideas. This flower thing kept appearing in my designs and ended up being one of the main themes running through the collection

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Back in June 2011 I decided to start my own fashion label. It was something I had been mulling over for many years and I had collected a lot of ideas. Here are some of the things that inspired the collection I went on to make..

Henri Rousseau's amazing jungle paintings

This image from a botanical book 

This is a post card I picked up from the V&A. It's a detail from a Japanese kimono from 1900 - 1920. I had this post card on my wall for a long time and I eventually used the bird shape to create the leather motif on the wool jacket 

The bomber jacket I made as part of my first collection

The leather came from a man's jacket that I cut up into pieces